Welcome to the Quixotic Blog!

Aug 20th, 20112 Comments

Welcome friends, to our first Quixotic Blog entry!  What types of things to YOU want us to write about or post?  Let us know!

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  1. Karen Fast says:

    My daughter discovered this spectacular venue late last year and immediately knew this was the place to hold her wedding. She was married this past Saturday April the 9th. Using the vendors Eric, the owner of TQW, was the way to go. Eric, Billy and the staff were extremely cordial, very helpful & accomodating, and extremely professional from the first time I met them all the way through the bride & groom’s departure for the evening. My daughter truly had the wedding she dreamed of. The setting up, taking everything down afterwards, and every second in between was handled quickly and thoroughly… Billy was sooo helpful to us. I cannot thank them enough for the tremendous service they provided. Shout out to the bartendes, DJCrowda, Go Gourmet & Steins Bakery for their service as well. Let me add finally, this venue is by far the most specular and fun place to hold any event. Coming from someone who doesn’t venture over to Dallas often, I’m so glad I did for the wedding. Seriously, consider holding your party or event here. You will not be disappointed!!

    Karen Fast

  2. eric says:

    Thank you Karen! Loved reading this. Just getting it now..lol.
    Hope you’re wonderful these days.

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